A web-page consists of a myriad of pages that present information using different methods and technologies which will then be linked together using hyperlinks. Designers use coding language to tell the browser (internet explorer, google chrome, etc) how to display the information it has stored on it. Usually this method is visual, through pictures or writing, but it may also include sound, either using background music or displaying videos.

Web-design is a general term to describe a wide variety of tasks involved in creating web pages. But it specifically refers to jobs focused on the front-end of a web-page, meaning how the page looks to the user of said web-page.

The tools used in web-design are ever evolving and have made it easy for amateurs or beginners to mimic what professionals can do for them. However from a technical standpoint, the act of web-design can be quite difficult if using traditional web-design tools. Unlike traditional print media, HTML (coding language) has a number of variable factors. This begins with the fact that not all browsers interpret HTML in the same way, according to the standard-setting body. This means that while a page will appear as the designer wishes it to in one browser; it may show differently in another. There are ways to fix and work around these issues but it is a tenuous business at best.

Another issue often encountered by graphic designers trying to set up a web-page is that they are used to knowing exactly how large a piece of paper they are working on, but web-designers must be aware that there are a wide variety of monitors and monitor sizes things will be displayed at, different display settings and potentially work around the inhibitions of non-sighted users. All these issues combined leave designers with difficulties to create web-pages that are attractive on a range of browsers while still incorporating enough dynamism to attract user usage.

All in all the possibilities in web-design are almost limitless. We suggest that you take care in ensuring that your web-site is as user-friendly and all around adaptable as possible; it is a must for any business that is looking to succeed these days. With your business being virtually 24/7 accessible by potential clients you need to put your best foot forward.