...as part of your PR and Marketing strategy

  1. The newsletter will complement your website: By using similar designs and formats as you website you will also immediately create brand recognition.
  2. Much more cost-effective than print newsletters: The cost of using print newsletters (monthly or quarterly) is enormous, by using an e-newsletter your costs can be cut substantially to a fraction of the print newsletter.
  3. E-newsletters can (and should) be interactive: They allow viewers to seek and interact with content thereby encouraging a more interested audience, in the products and services offered.
  4. Their effectiveness can be tested: Using link analysis you are able to discern which part and what content your viewers/subscribers are most interested in.
  5. E-newsletters encourage "word of mouth" advertising: Easy forwarding systems are usually included in most e-newsletter formats.
  6. You are reaching people that have signed up to hear from you and about your product.
  7. Starting an e-newsletter will allow you to broaden your subscriber and customer base.